I have spent the last 2 months moving into Wellington City from the suburbs, hence no blogging! It has been exhausting as all moves are, but also very rewarding as I have managed to find a beautiful old villa on one of the many hills in Wellington with a panoramic view of the bay. The view is stunning and I love to practise my guitar sitting in my large bay window overlooking the sea.

Playing music has always been an emotional thing for me. Its hard to create something beautiful if your surroundings are detrimental to your mental/emotional/spiritual state, and I have come to realise over the years that being surrounded by nature is very important to me – I need to feel that connection to the universe to be able to create. Practising and playing of course are very different things – one being very analytical and the other very spontaneous and creative. I will be sharing my views on both aspects of playing and practising in the coming weeks.