Hi guys. Its taken a few months to process but I am happy to say that my solo album is finally available to buy online at cdbaby.com. and to download through iTunes and other digital music sites!! There was an unbelievable amount of paper work involved – but worth it in the end.

Now all you need to do is to click on the link below and it will take you straight to cdbaby.com to purchase the hard copy, or you can download tracks from the album and purchase the complete Cd as a download from cdbaby.


Cheryl Grice-Watterson: Un Sueno En La Floresta (A Dream in the Forest)

If you prefer can also buy through iTunes at their online store, just click on the link below.


I have had hundreds of emails requesting information about this arrangement of Misty that I posted on YouTube. Its an old arrangement by Stan Ayers which is out of print and they have no intention of republishing it. So if anyone would like a copy just click on the link below.


Download sheet music here!

I have simplified some of the chords to allow the music to flow more easily – but you can make your own minds up on that when you receive the score. If anyone would like to work on learning the piece with me – remember that I do offer Skype lessons now, you just need a fast internet connection and a good quality webcam.