Hi guys. Its taken a few months to process but I am happy to say that my solo album is finally available to buy online at and to download through iTunes and other digital music sites!! There was an unbelievable amount of paper work involved – but worth it in the end.

Now all you need to do is to click on the link below and it will take you straight to to purchase the hard copy, or you can download tracks from the album and purchase the complete Cd as a download from cdbaby.


Cheryl Grice-Watterson: Un Sueno En La Floresta (A Dream in the Forest)

If you prefer can also buy through iTunes at their online store, just click on the link below.

I have had hundreds of emails requesting information about this arrangement of Misty that I posted on YouTube. Its an old arrangement by Stan Ayers which is out of print and they have no intention of republishing it. So if anyone would like a copy just click on the link below.


Download sheet music here!

I have simplified some of the chords to allow the music to flow more easily – but you can make your own minds up on that when you receive the score. If anyone would like to work on learning the piece with me – remember that I do offer Skype lessons now, you just need a fast internet connection and a good quality webcam.

I am now offering very affordable one to one lessons via Skype. I am happy to teach all levels and all abilities, as I love helping people achieve their dreams and I’m a great teacher! So don’t feel shy – I’m happy to help! Just email a copy of the music you want to work on – or we can work on general technique. If you are interested just send me an email and we can go from there. 🙂

Here is a comment from Sam in British Columbia, after his first Skype lesson……….

Cheryl, It was a great lesson. I especially appreciated your encouragement and suggestions on how to be more ” musical.” You were practical and inspiring at the same time!

I have spent the last 2 months moving into Wellington City from the suburbs, hence no blogging! It has been exhausting as all moves are, but also very rewarding as I have managed to find a beautiful old villa on one of the many hills in Wellington with a panoramic view of the bay. The view is stunning and I love to practise my guitar sitting in my large bay window overlooking the sea.

Playing music has always been an emotional thing for me. Its hard to create something beautiful if your surroundings are detrimental to your mental/emotional/spiritual state, and I have come to realise over the years that being surrounded by nature is very important to me – I need to feel that connection to the universe to be able to create. Practising and playing of course are very different things – one being very analytical and the other very spontaneous and creative. I will be sharing my views on both aspects of playing and practising in the coming weeks.

Cheryl Grice

Welcome to the official new website of Cheryl Grice!

After many years of juggling performing and raising a large family of very strong individuals, 2011 saw my return to a full time music career touring with the New Zealand Guitar Quartet. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed performing with these very talented guitarists, the experience also served to crystalise for me where my heart and my gift truly lay as a musician, which is in being able to express myself spontaneously in the moment, with what I am feeling in my heart and my soul. So I am being true to myself and returning to what I love doing most – my solo music!

This year, whilst organising future tours and recitals for 2013/14 I have forayed into the world of composing for the first time, which I am finding to be an exquisite combination of extreme joy and frustration! Again this becomes an expression of who you are and what you feel, and the joy (and pain) in creating new music has taken me very much by surprise. I look forward to playing some of these pieces for you in future recitals. I hope you enjoy my weekly blogs, and that you find them both interesting and informative.

We all strive to achieve perfection in our playing, and whilst this is of course an important aspiration, remember to always take pleasure in the journey! The essence of Music is in expression – not in technical pyrotechnics. Make sure that you use musical expression and phrasing whenever you play (wrong notes and all)! and don’t ‘just play the notes’ – say something!  Enjoy the journey – don’t wait until the notes are ‘perfect’ before allowing the music to sing.